Bright Future: The Forest from the Gadgets

“We’re not terribly well positioned right now to think about what this future will look like. Part of the challenge is that, culturally, we’re much more accustomed to celebrating new gadgets than thinking about how old technology decays.”

A great read. When Will Cars Go Extinct?

While I am chafed that taxi fares have increased in Korea, I do like that the number of taxis are also legislated to decrease. I just hope that this decrease in the number of taxis does not mean an increase in the number of personal cars for sale in Korea.

I also had a great conversation yesterday about Gwangju public transport. There is currently one subway line that really does not connect much of the prime spots in Gwangju. In wondering about this a friend got very hetted. She ranted: Why can’t the city of Gwangju take all the old train lines and turn them into electrical trolleys? The old train lines go every where, connect everything, from Cheomdan to Gwangjudae, from the airport to Jisandong.

I can’t help but agree with her. While I love the Green Way attempt of moving the old train lines into walk ways and bike paths, there is a lot of destruction of the surround – hanok villages being torn down, community gardens being paved over.

Are there urban planners employed or contracted out by Gwangju City government? The City is trying to be green, host green conferences at Kim DaeJung Center but where is the evidence that they are really following green policies. It seems that they are making decisions that line the construction companies pockets instead.


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