sustainable design criteria

I like this article for the stats that it gives and for giving some standardization to the unfettered consumerism of agribusiness and big business food and beverage companies.

I especially liked there criteria:

Companies were rated on a scale of 0 to 10 based on their nutrition-related commitments, performance and disclosure across seven different categories:

  • Governance (corporate strategy, governance and management, 12.5 percent)
  • Products (formulation of appropriate products, 25 percent)
  • Accessibility (delivery of affordable, available products, 20 percent)
  • Marketing (responsible marketing policies, compliance and spending, 20 percent)
  • Lifestyles (support for healthy diets and active lifestyles, 2.5 percent)
  • Labeling (informative labeling and appropriate use of health and nutrition claims, 15 percent)
  • Engagement (engagement with policymakers and other stakeholders, 5 percent)

The article goes on to discuss why companies have received such low rankings.

It makes me wonder why companies can enjoy more legal rights than individuals. What do you think?


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