Hi! We are taking a break until 2013.

After speaking with Maria about there being space in Gwangju for a new arts magazine but lack of funding, we decided to create this online journal about art and culture within the city and the rest of South Korea.

It serves as a platform for anyone to get involved in. Whether you are a poet, writer, photographer, artist, or just want to get involved in something different, there is space here to do so.

Co-creating the journal has given me the opportunity to research and write about topics that otherwise I would not have had the chance. My involvement in the journal has enriched my experience of living in South Korea and I hope you can enjoy it as much as I have done.

Selina Orrell – Co-Founder

I love Gwangju. I love art. I love talk. This blog is to share Gwangju Art Talk. This blog is space valuable to the Gwangju art and social issue community. People doing art. People talking about their art. People talking about art as social discourse. Get into the fray. Share your experience. Grow online with us.

Maria Lisak – Co-Founder


We are always looking for writers, photographers, artists, proofreaders… So please contact if you would like to get involved –



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GIC Journal: Social Discourse of Disquiet Group

GIC Journal: Social Discourse of Disquiet Page


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Contact the GIC for more information or general inquiries:


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