sustainable design criteria

I like this article for the stats that it gives and for giving some standardization to the unfettered consumerism of agribusiness and big business food and beverage companies. I especially liked there criteria: Companies were rated on a scale of 0 to 10 based on their nutrition-related commitments, performance and disclosure across seven different categories: … Continue reading

Bright Future: The Forest from the Gadgets

“We’re not terribly well positioned right now to think about what this future will look like. Part of the challenge is that, culturally, we’re much more accustomed to celebrating new gadgets than thinking about how old technology decays.” A great read. When Will Cars Go Extinct? While I am chafed that taxi fares have increased … Continue reading

Frank Zappa reads Naked Lunch

Check out Open Culture for other great treats.

War in Korea, again, or continued?

Jason Ryan I once wrote a blog post about how many Koreans live within what I called “oblivious bubbles.” I think that this is phenomenon is being ignored by everyone when assessing how Koreans are reacting/not reacting to the North Korea situation. Koreans lives are so insanely fast-paced, high stress, high exhaustion/little sleep, focused only … Continue reading

More Context means Better Discourse

When I wrote about Navigating Health Checks last week, I shared it on Facebook and got some great replies. What I noticed were two things. More words (discourse), better understanding of context Those who had the most positive things to say, wrote the most. They took the time to share more context to explain when … Continue reading

Rants and Raves, in English, Self Published, 2004

Rants & Raves J. Douglas Stuber Copyright, 2004 J. Douglas Stuber                   Hargraves Blues     No obstacles in the physical realm can stop the Flow of fix or ruin.  One bicyclist, content to move In limited space, dodges traffic, kicks her stand And heads in to read.  She gets paid to read, not … Continue reading

Rants and Raves, a 2002 Self Published book, in Translation

The 2002 self-published Book “Rants and Raves” translated into French, German, Itlaian, Spanish Une Âme Nous marchons les bois tellement profondément à la recherche des vents antiques. Nous cessons de sélectionner une cosse pour conserver Votre pureté nettoie les péchés qui s’attardent du passé. Vous vous levez au-dessus du vacarme fâché Pour faire un amour … Continue reading

Sex, Religion, Politics Published by Hurt Branch and Lyons, Roanoke, 1997

Sex, Religion, Politics J. Douglas Stuber Published by: Hurt, Branch and Lyons 2925 Leslie Lane Roanoke, Va. 24014 Copyrights held by the author, but go ahead and use this stuff in all but magazines, ‘cause I may still want to publish some of these in magazines. Copyright 1997 All Rights Generously Forgiven Unless you’re gonna … Continue reading

A little back and forth on current events

Doug Stuber: I am sickened by the US Soldiers, two weekends in a row, running around Seoul, mostly in Itaewon and pulling out guns and “pretending” to shoot at Koreans. It’s sad enough that the US has a mostly poor man’s army fighting the RICH MAN’S wars on many fronts for WAY TOO LONG. But who … Continue reading

Navigating Health Checks

I had an interesting conversation this weekend with two other women (nonKorean) who have been here about four or five years. We ended up talking about the horrifying experiences of going to the doctor here, especially if it is for a mandatory company health check. I was fascinated that all three of us had rather … Continue reading