sustainable design criteria

I like this article for the stats that it gives and for giving some standardization to the unfettered consumerism of agribusiness and big business food and beverage companies. I especially liked there criteria: Companies were rated on a scale of 0 to 10 based on their nutrition-related commitments, performance and disclosure across seven different categories: … Continue reading

Bright Future: The Forest from the Gadgets

“We’re not terribly well positioned right now to think about what this future will look like. Part of the challenge is that, culturally, we’re much more accustomed to celebrating new gadgets than thinking about how old technology decays.” A great read. When Will Cars Go Extinct? While I am chafed that taxi fares have increased … Continue reading

Learn your Green Term. Green Discourse to Change your Lifestyle

The first way we start to make change is by complaining, I believe. “Oh, there is so much garbage. Oh, why doesn’ t the city pick it up.” Complaints, like blaming, if deconstructed usually show that YOU ARE what you COMPLAIN ABOUT. Instead of complaining about the lack of alacrity to move towards a more … Continue reading