Carly Fischer & Sculptures Of Trash

Love this exhibit. Carly Fischer recreates trash in an art gallery. In January 2013, I took these pics downtown. I love the picturesque garbage display. Advertisements

Little Moms or Unwed Mothers

The Vagina Monologues are coming to Gwangju again. Last year was the first year they were performed in Gwangju in English. The performers and organizers had their first meeting this past Feb 24. These volunteers will be giving up every Sunday afternoon to rehearse. Also keep an eye out for their fundraisers. The Vagina Monologues are … Continue reading

Build it and they will come – Korea’s love affair with World Festivals

What’s with Korea’s penchant to host world fairs, expos and sport events? As well as build public spaces that no one uses? This article from Fast co.Design reminds me about what will happen to the Yeosu Expo grounds after it closes in August. Ives Maes’ photographs capture the loneliness of what is left behind after the … Continue reading

Context Convention Circumstance Are All

I love Stephen Frye. His website is a treasure trove. Check it out. This is a playful visual of words words words. Stephen Fry Kinetic Typography – Language As I word vomit copiously all over Gwangju and the net, this helps me remember that my Maria-isms that are edited out of finer publications than my … Continue reading

Ramblings about the US in 2012, an election year

A       conversation among caring people.  This is taken from the Yahoo group “Friends for Thought” First–      From a retired university librarian-artist. <<One more reason why it will be difficult for me to vote      for      President Obama in November. The other is the “kill list” and the      unmanned      drones he is overseeing.      Vietnam was an unjust war … Continue reading


Winding through Spring in Gwangju I think about my mother yelling at the bunnies to get out of her azaleas. Or my brother-in-law saying “az a lee ya” instead of “azayl ya.” Now I add new memories. One of which is from an old blog post that I love.  Here I share the picture and … Continue reading

Recommended: The Familographer on Trayvon Martin

Jack Large has a great opinion piece on the fatal shooting of a teen in Florida (USA).

The US Role in Globalization

The State of Globalization as realized by the G-20 in the year 2012 The United States and its economic allies, as defined by countries subscribing to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and Global Agreements on Tariffs and Trade (Gatt I and Gatt II)and other free trade agreements, have assured themselves their best possible … Continue reading

Technical Immersion Essay by Martyn Thompson

We embrace new technologies such as hand phones, digital cameras, PMP’s flash drives, with little thought of the effect these have society. On a bus journey, children play hand-held games, teenagers continuously text message each other, moms watch their DMB phones to keep up to date with the latest soap operas and one ajuma after … Continue reading

Goings on Around Town: Gwangju Symphony Orchestra, May 11, Andrew O’ Donnell on free energy known as “Radiant Energy” and Rabbits May 12, at the GIC and a one-night affair with the amazing photographer Park Ha Son at Kunsthalle.

On May 11th, new conductor Christian Ludwig, who like his predecessor studied at the Mannheim School of Music in Germany, and who is German, though his mother is Korean, Proved his conducting ability in a concert that could be dubbed “Beethoven 3, 4, 5” because we heard Overture number three for “Lenore,” (Opus 72) then … Continue reading