Two New Poems, Two Old Poems, April 7, 2013, Copyright Doug Stuber

JDS   Dominated by those around me, I am free of life’s burden: making decisions. In the past I struck out, playing music, flinging paint, screaming for peace, teaching less educated how to read when their governments’ failed to:  fought all aspects of corrupt authority with every ounce of my troubled soul.  Then in a … Continue reading

Two New Poems, Two Old Ones, April 7, 2013, Copyright Doug Stuber

Boddhisatva Her heart, while sticking tongue out, leads a sheltered life, doesn’t drink, nor dance, Norfolk, it’s in her dreams. Shocked by lack of fidelity, still pure, as she has never… though the thought comes: Now free, pretty and young. Brother nudges open eyes, Confucian box blown open. Evident culture gap, yet she jumps his … Continue reading

Three New Ones, Ten Old Poems, Copyright, Doug Stuber

Here are three new poems, seven from my middle school days, when I knew PR and DM, and then three from the recent past, since I met KDW. First all three new ones, then the ten golden oldies. One pair is a combo-poem in that I wrote “Play” when I was 16 years old, and … Continue reading

War in Korea, again, or continued?

Jason Ryan I once wrote a blog post about how many Koreans live within what I called “oblivious bubbles.” I think that this is phenomenon is being ignored by everyone when assessing how Koreans are reacting/not reacting to the North Korea situation. Koreans lives are so insanely fast-paced, high stress, high exhaustion/little sleep, focused only … Continue reading

One New Poem, One Old Poem, Copyright Doug Stuber

Thomas A. Stuber Each day we try to tap your magic, kindness, your tolerance and fulfillment because you got the most out of life, never got in your own way, put up with all kinds of struggle to persist, you turned life into a whole new adventure for friends and unknowns lugs alike. How many … Continue reading

Two Old Poems, One New, Copyright Doug Stuber

Ode to Horace Mann Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity. – Horace Mann Be aware that energy is life, save some for your kids. Be afraid that our minds are bent by news, not books. Be awed by the healing power of the simple purple cone flower. Be awake … Continue reading

Three Old Poems, Copyright Doug Stuber

RCWS Ruth walks in synchronicity with universal ebb flow but not herself, a self-made trick. Self-inflicted, but not of her doing, not embraced, fought against, dealt with, screamed at, therapized. Still, she sings, this is the one sure peace time, when all is right, when everything works as one, as Ruth. Child-rearing is its own … Continue reading

Three New Poems, with Three Old Ones, Copyright Doug Stuber

Nude Joo She moves sand, paints the sides of wood blocks to make fake libraries to discover a child’s inner beliefs and emotional score, tuning their engines via creative projects that do not even hint at accurate measure of what should be done to calm these TV, PC deluded stars who now have to struggle … Continue reading

My Everyday Philosopher

written by Maria Lisak during the WriteNight Friday Meet up at Kunst Lounge, Gwangju, South Korea. March 29,2013. Pic ripped from Dale’s Korean Temples Adventures. Whispy Wonhyo dancing drunkenly in the street Drunk, he’s not. Possessed, he is. Moved to live the emptiness of the present moment His machinations muster mystery Uncloaked, shirtless His erection … Continue reading